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On-line resources for Industry Analysis


The federal government collects and reports statistical information for a wide range of demographic and economic topics.  You can search for collected information at  The White House has also prepared a compilation of frequently requested topics on their website.  The greatest source of demographic information can be found at the AmericanFactfinder, the Census Bureau’s website for disseminating Census 2000 data.  During each decade, the Census Bureau collects data on a variety of different subjects, including economic and business related, housing, and special demographic tabulations.  See Subjects A to Z to locate the information you need.  The Statistical Abstract of the United States is a compendium of statistics from a variety of government and other publications. 

Sometimes, information on “best customers” or “target markets” can be found within articles in newspapers and magazines. 

American Demographics is the primary resource for market research articles.  Their website provides snippets of information  for free and full articles for a nominal fee.  New Strategist publishes books about consumer markets, including Best Customers.  You can purchase specific chapters of their books on their website.  The Population Reference Bureau provides overviews of their studies at AmeriStat.

Sources of Data by Geography

State, MSA and County

State & County Quickfacts – Most recent economic and demographic estimates by State and County.
CensusScope – Create eye-catching charts and tables for key demographic variables by State or MSA.
FDIC Regional Economic Conditions (RECON) – Nice charts and tables of economic indicators by MSA and County.  Includes statistics on bankruptcies, housing, employment, and income.
County Business Patterns - employment and establishment data for counties, ZIP Codes, and Metropolitan Areas for 1993 to 2000
Migration Data – can be charted on this website.  See migration by year for the 1990s for MSAs and States.

ZIP Code

Ring Studies

ICSC Ring Analysis (1990 Free Data)
The Right Site 2000 Census Data (Free)

Sources of Data by Subject

Agriculture and Forestry

1997 Census of Agriculture - statistical information about farms and farming (USDA).

American Indians/Alaskan Natives

Asians/Pacific Islanders

Blacks/African Americans

Facts on the Black/African American Population - factsheet and links to Black/African American data from the Census Bureau.

Business & Economic Data

Computer and Internet Use

CyberAtlas - compendium of online statistics.
Computer Use and Ownership – national data from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey.

Pew Internet & American Life – Research on the hyperspace use.

Consumer Expenditures

Bureau of Justice Statistics - everything you want to know about crime and crime control.


National Center for Educational Statistics - from the US Dept. of Education.
National Child Care Information Center - statistics related to the childcare industry.


Bureau of Labor Statistics – Official Source for statistics on unemployment, employment and wages.

Healthcare, Aging and Vital Statistics

Hispanic Research provides overview of Hispanic market.
Facts on the Hispanic/Latino Population – factsheet and links to Hispanic/Latino data from the Census Bureau.


American Housing Survey - US Census Survey of Housing in metropolitan areas (2001).
Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Research - recent research about affordable housing.

Religious Affiliation and Attitudes - find out how many Methodists (or other religious adherents) are in your state.  Compilation of data from several different sources.
American Religion Data Archive – Create maps and charts of religious affiliation by state and county.  Access to other surveys on religious affiliation and opinion.  Funded by the Lilly Endowment through the Pennsylvania State University.
American Religious Identification Survey conducted by the City University of New York.  Key findings and statistics for the Unites States can be found on this website.
Barna Research conducts public opinion surveys of Christians and provides analysis of Christian Churches.
Hartford Institute for Religion Research a source for various studies on culture and religion.  Includes links to other research centers and denominational statistical offices.
North American Jewish Databank statistics are not available online, but information on research conducted nationwide and in various communities can be found here.  Contact information for data sources is provided.

Industry Information

Classification Codes

SIC Lookup
NAICS Lookup
SIC/NAICS Conversion Search

Associations & Publications - links to trade associations by industry.
Fuld & Co. Industry Tools
Industry Trade Publications -directory of tradeshows

Outlook, Trends & Reports
Industry-at-a-Glance Series
Current Industrial Reports
U.S Business Reporter ($)- Industry reports.
Industry Data Finder - Guides to various industries.
Valuation - Industry information by SIC.
Industry Research Desk

County Business Patterns county level economic data by industry. Also by Zip Code.
U.S. Economic Census - profiles the US economy.
BizStats - Small business Industry statistics.











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Home Services

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